How we work

If you are interested in our services we hold free information sessions once a month about our services and the mediation process OR you may schedule a private appointment at a cost of $195 + GST.

The mediation process

At the Gippsland Mediation Centre our Mediators are all Nationally Accredited and some are also Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. Most are legally trained and one is a Psychologist and Educator.

Mediation is a voluntary process were everyone agrees to participate. It is a safe and supportive environment where you will have a chance to raise all of your concerns and have them heard.

The mediator controls the mediation process, which will be flexible and tailored to meet your specific needs.

Initially we speak with each party individually to help us clearly understand all aspects of the dispute, your perspective and what you hope to achieve.

During the initial individual meeting we inform you of the costs which are paid upfront before the joint Mediation.

After we complete the initial meeting with you and any other parties we can then schedule a joint meeting. These joint meetings generally last for appropriately two hours but can sometimes be longer.

On the day of the Mediation everyone has a private room so they can freely and openly discuss issues and have a comfortable space to work in. We also have a joint meeting room where all parties will meet with the Mediator at appropriate times. Tea, coffee, refreshments and wireless internet are all readily available as well as printing, fax and copying facilities.

If an agreement is reached our Mediator will arrange to have it documented so that it can be signed by all the parties.

It is sometimes necessary to schedule more than one joint Mediation session and your Mediator will advise you how many sessions you are likely to need depending on the nature and complexity of your dispute.

Although the Mediator may suggest that each party to the dispute obtain legal advice along the way, Mediation puts you in control and provides you with a time and cost efficient process to reach resolution.

Call now to speak to one of our mediators: 0427 815 869

Family Law Advice

Our experienced family lawyers are available to meet with you by appointment at the Drouin offices of the Gippsland Mediation Centre.

A fixed price first interview is available. You will have an interview of up to one and a half hours receive a customised resource pack of information and materials and a fifteen minute follow up phone call for $225.

To see details of our lawyers and their experience follow the link to:

OR call us now 0427 815 869 to speak to one of our lawyers

Aged Care Advice and Solutions

Dr Anita Frayman works with the Gippsland Meditation Centre to assist families in conflict when dealing with elderly family members. To see more information about Anita click here, OR to make an appointment please call 0427 815 869.

Counselling and Post-Separation Parenting

The Gippsland Mediation Centre runs regular free information sessions in Family Law Matters where people experiencing family problems can attend to learn more about Family Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Counselling and Post Separation Parenting Courses.

Call us now to secure a place at our next information session 0427 815 869.